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The Old Portmuthian Charity was set up in 1992:

• to advance education at The Portsmouth Grammar School in such ways as the Trustees from time to time think fit, including assisting in the provision, maintenance, improvement or extension of the premises of the School

• to provide relief for any person in need, hardship or distress who is: a past or present pupil of the School, a past or present member of staff of the School or the spouse, former spouse or dependent of any such person.

Current policy, as determined by the Trustees, is that the bulk of money distributed annually by the Charity should be devoted to Bursaries. In 2004, thanks to the generosity of OPs, the Charity was able to set up an Old Portmuthian Bursary Fund which continues to help finance pupils in need through the Sixth Form.

Donations from the Charity have also helped OPs undertaking degree courses and contributed to the cost of building a climbing wall in the Sports Hall in memory of Roger Harris, OP and former member of PGS staff.