Photography Club

Now that a digital camera is so accessible to all our pupils, usually in the form of their mobile phone, we work hard to inspire them to use their camera creatively.

A number of pupils complete their skill for DoE in photography, a few pupils shoot imagery to supply our school publications and we also run it as a Year 9 Activity.  

Pupils work on the skills required for high quality digital photography from capturing the image through to digital work flow.  We focus on a range of disciplines including: capturing motion; textural forms; macro in nature; landscape photography;  candid portraits.  Most important of all, we teach them to consider the importance of both composition and light.

Examples of their achievements are below.

Adam Boxall, ‘Window’




Adam Watts, ‘Seagull’




Caitlin Betteridge, ‘Light’


Ella Howard, ‘Face’




Emma Priory ‘Blue Door’



Florence Bishop, ‘Pencils’



Hamilton Forbes-Lane, ‘Statue’



Iona McKitterick, ‘Flower’



Jemma Holden, ‘Rose’



Katie Leader, ‘Floor’



Kirsty Hodgkins, ‘Coral’



Loren Dean, ‘Xmas Lights’



Matthew Crichton, ‘Swan’



Mia Austin, ‘Rain’



Monideep Ghosh, ‘Lewis’



Olivia Smitherman, ‘Portrait’



Ray Leach, ‘Shell’



Sam Richardson, ‘Macro’



Shree Patel, ‘Stones’



Stella Stayt-Rickard, ‘Birds’



Thomas Crundwell, ‘Flowers’