Years 7-11

Middle School

The Middle School comprises Years 7 and 8 and provides the ideal introduction to life in the Senior School.   Each pupil is in a Tutor Group and has a form tutor who will be with them for their two years in the Middle School. During these two years the tutor helps the pupils to settle in to the School.  In particular the tutor will guide pupils in their academic, co-curricular and pastoral life.

In the Middle School there are four Houses.  These are Barton, Eastwood, Hawkey and Summers. Each House has a designated Head of House and comprises of four tutor groups - two in Year 7 and two in Year 8.

Pupils have the opportunity to first meet their tutor at a New Pupils afternoon held in the Summer Term before they join the School. This is to offer support and reassurance at an early stage.  In their second week at the School all Year 7 have a Life Skills Day where they work with their Tutor Group and tutor on a series of team-building exercises.

Pupils are very much encouraged to enter into the co-curricular life of the School by joining at least two of the many Clubs and activities which are available for them. A Freshers Fair is held early in the Autumn Term which helps give a flavour of the many activities on offer.

A dedicated Middle School Common Room is available for pupils in which to socialise and take part in various activities.

Middle School pupils study the most varied curriculum of any years in the Senior School. One of the unique subjects studied in Year 7 is the Portsmouth Curriculum. The pupils are taught seven strands throughout the year which explores a varied range of topics with a particular local emphasis.

A Middle School Ski trip to Italy is organised as a biennial activity.  At the end of the Summer term a Middle School Adventure Weekend is arranged to Little Canada on the Isle of Wight.

Yr 9 – Yr 11

As pupils move into Years 9 -11, they join one of the four Senior Houses (Grant, Latter, Smith and Whitcombe) and will remain in that House through until the end of Year 13. Normally pupils will keep the same tutor for Years 9-11.

Year 9 marks the beginning of a new and exciting stage in a pupil’s school career. Early in the school year the whole of Year 9 take part in an activities day on the Isle of Wight to help team-building.  This ensures that all pupils, including those who have just joined the school, are integrated into the year group and get to know their new tutors. A wide programme of co- curricular activities is offered on Mondays after school, specifically for Year 9 pupils. We also provide new opportunities for responsibility such as the chance to sit on one of the Pupil Councils.

In Year 10, pupils embark upon their GCSE and IGCSE courses and all that that offers in terms of challenge and excitement. There are further chances to expand their co-curricular activities, including the Duke of Edinburgh programme which begins with the Bronze Award in Year 10.

Towards the end of Year 10 and through the course of Year 11 pupils begin to look ahead in terms of career and Sixth Form studies. A comprehensive programme of advice, presentations and interviews, including a one to one interview with the Headmaster for each pupil, is offered via tutors, House and Year teams and Senior Teachers in conjunction with the Careers department. In the Autumn Term a whole day and evening of events devoted to “The Sixth Form and Beyond” is organised and this is followed up by a Sixth Form Subject Forum event in January. A variety of opportunities related to career research are offered throughout this time.

We like to think about where our pupils will be when they are 25 and Year 11 is an excellent opportunity to explore their aspirations.