In the context of global discussions of racism, we have been very glad to hear from current pupils, parents and OPs who care passionately about supporting positive developments in society, and are keen to help us to do so at PGS.  

As a school, we share that commitment to sustained and meaningful engagement with these complex issues, and careful exploration of our activities. Listening and dialogue will be at the heart of our next steps, and we will seek to engage as widely as possible within our communities. To reflect our commitment to a sustained and structured review, we are establishing a pupil Forum and a staff Forum dedicated to these issues. In addition, our Parent Forum will continue to act as an advisory group and a sounding board, in this area as in others. Through these groups, we will strive to listen, to share ideas, to learn from one another and from national and international debate, and to shape proposals for development, as we seek to embed anti-racism within our community, and to prepare our pupils to address inequality with courage and commitment at school and beyond.  

Our aim is for PGS to be a truly inclusive environment in which every person is valued and individuality is celebrated. We want to prepare our pupils for life at 25, and to equip them to make an active and courageous contribution to the world beyond school. In recent years, we have made significant steps forward, not least through our pioneering work with PGS Pride, a society founded to celebrate difference; through our bursaries programme; and through our commitment to partnerships in our city. We are keen to build on that work, while recognising that there is a great deal more for us to do.

While we are committed to taking clear steps forward in the weeks and months ahead, our review is intended to be broad-ranging, and so will necessarily take some time. Already we know that it relates to our curriculum, both in History and in the full range of subjects; to our pastoral care and our support networks; and to our programme of assemblies, talks and workshops for all year groups; to the place of anti-racism within the Pastoral Curriculum; our co-curricular programme and activities;  to diversity within our staff and pupil bodies; and to pupil induction and staff training. Its scope is sure to evolve as we learn more, and that makes our dialogue with our pupils, our staff, parents, OPs, Governors and friends all the more important.

Thank you for your support and collaboration, and to those who have already been in touch: thank you for reaching out to us.