Both Year 7 and Year 12 EcoCouncil members have taken part in separate environmental awareness events recently. Year 7 members attended an online talk about environmental stewardship, hosted by the Youth Climate Summit 2020. Pupils found out about the origins of Earth Day in 1970 and were shown the power of the Earth Challenge app, which is the world’s largest example of citizen science. In future EcoCouncil sessions, we will look to download the app to collect scientific data on air quality and plastic pollution in our local area so that we can contribute to this valuable global data set. Year 12 members attended The True Solutions to Plastic Pollution APPG online which involved expert panels from varying backgrounds and industries talking about, and posing potential solutions to, the global plastic problem. Pupils were particularly impressed with the attendance of a Ribena and Lucozade representative after claims that their packaging is some of the most difficult to responsibly dispose of. Both events provided food for thought and discussion points which will form the basis of future EcoCouncil meetings.