Congratulations to Ben, Raulf, Ben and Ralph, Year 12 Industrial cadets who have all graduated with an Industrial Cadet Gold Award from the Engineering Development Trust. For their project the team designed and manufactured a covert military surveillance drone, complete with a parachute. The drone was made using a Kevlar composite and by utilising 3D print technology, with the majority of the project undertaken during lockdown.

The team worked extremely hard, including weekly meetings with a mentor from BAE, and their achievement is a significant one. Their Lead Assessor from Babcock International Group commented, “The work produced by the team is of a high engineering standard and they should be very proud of themselves. They have identified the problem well, conducted thorough research, designed and developed strong solutions and above all, have critically evaluated their work exceptionally. Following the design process in such a way will serve them well in any design based career. They worked well as a team, presented their work excellently in the report and show impressive levels of professionalism.”