Rebecca Cleary and Hannah Millerchip, Year 12, visited the Infants last week via Google Meet to share a book that they both written and illustrated.

Becky said, “I started on the initial idea for the book (which was about refugees) in Schools of Sanctuary, then after hearing that the Junior School were keen to read it, decided to write the book in full. I asked Hannah Millerchip to illustrate it, and we worked together on it as a Social Action Project. I wanted to highlight the importance of accepting differences to younger children, but also maintain an element of the original refugee plan, with the main character still being forced to leave their home. Hannah and I both really enjoyed presenting the book and talking about it with Years 1 and 2, as they were so enthusiastic and asked some poignant questions that I don’t think we were quite expecting!”

To read the book, do click here.

Schools of Sanctuary is one of the Community Action Workplace choices within the Personal Enrichment Curriculum offered in the Sixth Form.