A small group of Year 10 PGS pupils visited St Jude’s School to co-teach a lesson in Spanish and share their knowledge with the children at this local school. Focussing on greetings and numbers, they enthusiastically delivered this topic using modern technology and played Quizlet and Kahoot on their iPads, enjoying the fast and visual learning games. St Jude’s pupils were totally immersed in learning the language, whilst having fun and it was a very positive experience for all involved.

“It was wonderful as it not only improved my Spanish skills but hearing the children actually converse in Spanish after the lesson was amazing,” said Nikhila Behari, one of the PGS pupils that went to St Jude’s.

Well done to all the pupils who went along for sharing their knowledge with so much enthusiasm and passion for the language, they certainly contributed towards the St Jude’s pupils having a joyful experience learning Spanish and hopefully they will continue to study it in the future.

We look forward to welcoming St Jude’s School to PGS later on this year to experience our languages laboratory and enjoy our learning a little of our three Modern Languages: French, German and Spanish.