ISI Inspection 2016

ISI Inspection teams visited the Junior and Senior School in February 2016.

Both reports are emphatic in recognising the overall excellence of the School and show in the judgements made that the quality of education on offer at PGS and the opportunities for pupils’ personal development are even stronger than when we were last inspected in 2010.

We are particularly pleased to see Teaching and Learning recognised as being excellent throughout the whole school. Initiatives such as the introduction of continuous assessment and the connected curriculum in the Junior School and the use of digital technology in the Senior School are seen by inspectors as contributing positively to the pupils’ progress and learning, whilst the opportunities available through the co-curriculum are described as outstanding.

The inspectors reserve particular praise for the quality of pastoral care throughout the School, emphasising that concern for the individual underpins everything that the School does. Survey results, for example, showed that pupils feel highly valued as individuals and that parents are overwhelmingly pleased with their child’s progress and the support that they receive.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the reports below and that you will share our delight in ISI’s recognition of a school which fulfils its aim that pupils and staff should be happy and successful, in that order.

IS Inspection 2016, Whole School Summary Report

Junior School Inspection Report 2016
Senior School Inspection Report 2016