Smith House cast and crew with Tom Hollander and Gary Dixon.

House Drama took over the DRT this week and we were delighted to welcome guest judge Tom Hollander to the school to cast his professional eye over the performances.

It was a tremendous evening with the pupils takes on Bad Education, Absolutely Fabulous, Keeping Up Appearances and Flight of the Conchords almost bringing the house down, quite literally, on several occasions.   There were clever set changes, a fantastic Boggle monologue and a huge amount of laughter thanks to the hard work and talent of all the pupils involved, both on stage and behind the scenes.  

“That was brilliant. Very, very impressive and fun to watch,” was the verdict from Tom Hollander following the performances. “Now I have the onerous duty of spoiling all that,” he continued. “Everyone knows that awards are invidious and divisive. No-one hates them more than someone who hasn’t won one. Then when you do win one, suddenly it all makes sense.”  

Along with Mr Gary Dixon, Tom then handed out the awards.  The overall winners on the night were Smith House for their interpretation of Absolutely Fabulous
Other winners were: 

Best Programme: Absolutely Fabulous, Smith House
Best Technical Achievement: Keeping Up Appearances, Latter House
Best Supporting Actor: Alfie Perry-Evans, Flight of The Conchords, Whitcombe House
Best Supporting Actress: Filippa Furniss, Absolutely Fabulous, Smith House 
Best Actor: Rory Greenwood, Bad Education, Grant House
Best Actress: Georgina Buckle, Absolutely Fabulous, Smith House
Best Director: Lewis MacKenzie, Bad Education, Grant House
Wow! Factor: ‘The Boggle Sequence’, Harry Neame and Hatty Hammans, Keeping Up Appearances, Latter House

Congratulations to all the pupils involved for providing a fantastic night of entertainment.