How does the Lunch Account work?

Each child receives a personal swipe card which will allows them to purchase food in the dining hall. The card acts like a debit card and the cost of purchases are deducted from the child’s account. 

Paying for Lunches

• If you opt to have a termly amount charged to your school bill this will be credited to your child’s account at the start of term.  Termly charges are calculated on a child having school meals every day and will be included on their fee invoice.  Should you wish to change this option at any time please contact the Bursary at least one month before the end of term to ensure removal from your next invoice.

• If you choose to set up a lunch account online this will enable you to add funds to your child’s account at your discretion.  The facility is operated by Upay through a secure website.  You can then top up your child’s account and view their purchases. There is an auto top-up option that will debit your credit card automatically whenever your child’s account reaches a minimum level.  If you use this facility it is important that you keep email and card details up to date.

• Payments can be made direct to the Bursary to top up lunch accounts by debit or credit card either by visiting the office or by telephone.  Alternatively you can top-up by sending a cheque to the Bursary, please clearly write your child’s name and ‘lunch account’ on the reverse of the cheque.

Children’s lunch accounts may occasionally be overspent as we never refuse a child lunch.  If the account becomes seriously overdrawn then the debt will be transferred to the parent’s fee invoice and the lunch account amended to a zero balance.

How does the Upay on-line system work?

You will need to contact the Bursary to request to have your email address registered on your child’s lunch account.  If your child is due to start PGS and you have requested this on the Fee Option Form we will do this as part of the admissions process.  Once the email address is registered you will receive a logon and password for the account from Upay who operate this facility.