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The PGS Geo Club had a very productive and enjoyable Geo Chat about endangered species with Kikaaya College School in Uganda via live video link last week.  What came out of the discussion was many shared issues about species between both countries and communities.  These included the invasion of non-native species, the destruction of habitats and a lack of political will to tackle underlying causes of the problems due to vested interests.
A surprising link of common concern was discovered between the two groups of pupils which was the decline in bat species/numbers in both places.  Kikaaya also reported the decline in monkeys (they used to be common but are rarely seen there now) and Mr Mubiru recalled with sadness the loss of the ‘very friendly leopard’ that used to accompany people home and was much loved by the community.  The loss of monkeys and the leopard was due to deforestation – with the species migrating as a result.
As a result of the discussions and the question ‘what can be done about it’, they came up with action points that the pupils would like to take in both schools/communities to improve the environment and help conserve species.