The school’s commemorative event honouring the 130 Old Portmuthians on the school’s First World War memorial has met with a tremendous response from the school community.  Parents, former parents, pupils, teachers and Old Portmuthians have answered the call and visited graves and memorials to pay their respects. Others have committed to visit over the next few weeks. Photographs recording the graves and their visits have been included in a Book of Remembrance.

Many members of the school community have gone out of their way while on holiday in Europe, and others have made specific trips to locations in the UK. Three of the more difficult to reach graves were in cemeteries over 500 kilometres apart in Tanzania, but Ross Rundle (father of sixth former Zoë) took time out during a business trip to pay his respects at Iringa and Dar es Salaam cemeteries. Other participants, like Margaret Edmunds and Nigel Grundy OP, have covered multiple sites in their travels. The desire to honour those who attended the school, but were cut down in their prime while serving their country, is one which enables the fulfilment of that promise, that affirmation, which remains resolute and strong one hundred years on: “We will remember them”.

Please click here to view the Book of Remembrance.