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by Amelia D (4S)

On Tuesday, Year Four went to the Sustainability Centre. First of all, the really excited Year Fours got out of the bus and followed Mrs Evans. We then split into our Houses. After that, we stood outside the indoor building and then we followed Shaun to the outdoor classroom. He asked us to look at some pictures of houses that had been made out of sustainable materials. I found out that some houses made of bricks got ruined in a storm but the houses made of bags with sand and clay on top survived the same storm. I couldn’t believe that they would be so strong.

We had a go at making a bridge with bags with sand inside. It was very challenging. Once we had finished, Evie and Alicia tested it then a few more people tested it we got seven people on at once. Then Shaun got on! 

Next we went over to the pizza oven area, where we made our own pizza oven out of clay. My hands got really dirty!

After lunch we investigated which ingredients were in foods. Finally, we looked around some gardens and a yurt. A lady called Penny had lived in a yurt for eight years and I was amazed how she could live in such a small space.

Thank you Mrs Evans, Mrs Townsend and Mr Williams for an amazing trip we all really enjoyed it.