A Great Duckcess

The arrival of six ducklings in Reception has caused untold excitement and proved once again the enormous value of having animals in school. The ducklings arrived a couple of weeks ago, still in their eggs, the children then observing, with awe and wonder, the process of hatching. They helped look after the ducklings as they transferred from their incubator into their new … Continued

Responsible and Sustainable

Last weekend an intrepid group of Years 7 and 8 pupils ventured into a woodland to experience the art of butchery and how meat can be a responsible and sustainable food. A master butcher gave our pupils a chance to have a hands-on experience, by showing them how to prepare a humanely killed deer for … Continued

Treasure Island Ahoy!

With swashbuckling, comedy and starlit skies as Long John Silver navigates by the constellations, the Middle School pupils have been producing amazing performances of Treasure Island this week.  Well done to all the cast and crew, a very special parrot, an even better hat (!!) and star performances from our energetic and joyful pupils. 

Year 10 Go To Dorset

53 Geography GCSE pupils travelled to Hengistbury Head, Christchurch to complete a physical investigation of how the geology affects the landforms of the area and a human investigation of the effectiveness of the coastal management techniques. The weather really assisted with the success of the day as pupils ploughed up and down the beach measuring the … Continued

Freedom of Speech

The Amnesty group has recently been focusing on and researching Freedom of Speech, or rather the lack of, in various countries around the world. They have come to realise how severe the problem of Freedom of Speech is and, how strongly it restricts people’s everyday lives. In certain countries such as Bangladesh or Afghanistan people … Continued

Taking on the Ten Tors

Both our 35 and 45 mile teams completed the Ten Tor’s challenge at the weekend – this is a great achievement by our pupils and maintains our 100% completion rate over the last nine years. The Ten Tors event involves a two-day expedition over the rough moorland terrain of Dartmoor. Teams of 6 visit 10 … Continued