It was fantastic to welcome Ashleigh Dekker OP back to PGS to speak to pupils and sport scholars as well as to run training sessions. During her talk Ashleigh spoke about the challenge of balancing studies with a rigorous training routine while she was at school and how important communication is with teachers and coaches to make a schedule work, along with diet and getting a good night’s sleep.

Playing for London Pulse, who have just appointed former Australian national coach Lisa Alexander as team coach, Ashleigh was also able to run training for Seniors and Year 10 pupils in the afternoon passing on the advice and some of the new training drills she has learnt. 


“During our session in games, we worked on making good use of space, something that I know we all benefited from,” said Maya in Year 13. “Ashleigh took us through drills to make us think about our awareness on court which came hand in hand with ‘creating space’ to allow others to make drives for a ball.The session was really valuable to us as a squad, and Ashleigh gave us a lot to work on in preparation for our season starting in January.”