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The Ignite Sustainability Group joined the Pre-School pupils on Thursday afternoon to help clean Southsea Beach.

Storm Brendan was no match for the PGS pupils – neither the high wind speeds nor the vast amount of litter that it had brought onto the beach could deter them! The Sixth Form pupils enjoyed helping the Pre-School pupils in identifying washed up pieces of plastic, along with seaweed, Mermaid’s Purses, driftwood and shells. 

The Pre-School pupils equally taught the Sixth Formers a lot about appropriate wet-weather gear and braving the elements! All-in-all, it was an excellent afternoon of seeing pupils of contrasting age groups and experiences working together to achieve a common goal.

For other pupils who are interested in taking part in a PGS Beach Clean, the Junior School and Senior School are combining efforts on Sunday 1st March on Hayling Island – meet between the Ferry Boat Inn and Gunner Point at 10am.