Beeswax Wraps, Paracetamol and Chocolate Chip Cookies… Year 10 sample Ignite!

Sustainability, Sociology, Strategy Games – these are just three of the fourteen Ignite! options that Year 10 pupils were able to sample last Thursday afternoon. Pupils selected two of the Year 12 academic enrichment Ignite! courses and spent 45 minutes enjoying a sample session of each.

In Medicinal Chemistry, pupils were able to try their hand at making paracetamol, whilst in Food for Thought pupils baked five star-rated chocolate chip cookies (and, of course, got to eat them too!) Short films about how to make a cup of tea were created in Film School, whilst pupils dived into coral reefs in Marine Biology (using VR headsets…).

The afternoon provided some light-relief post-exams as well as equipping pupils with some new skills and potential interest areas. Dexter Jones said climbing was fun and I managed to do walls I didn’t think I would be able to do” and Freya Stevens commented that she “enjoyed exploring the variety of these courses” Well done to all involved!