This week, a survey revealed that, since lockdown began, people in the UK have almost doubled the amount of time they spend reading books. During this same period, the Portsmouth Point blog has experienced a similar surge in readership. And, in this third week of May, the blog published its 290th article of the year (exceeding the total number of articles published in the whole of 2019 (285) and 2018 (279).
For nearly a decade, the Portsmouth Point blog has offered PGS pupils, parents and staff the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and opinions with other members of the school community on a daily basis. We are therefore delighted that during this period of remote learning so many members of that community have used the blog to share their experiences and reflect on every conceivable aspect of the crisis (whether medical, political, environmental, artistic, historical, psychological or philosophical). And, of course, contributors have continued to explore a dizzying range of other interests, from the politics of heavy metal to the joys of vegetable gardening, from the sublimity of glaciated landscapes to the joys of binge-watching ‘Gossip Girl’, from Cold War to ‘Scone Wars’. In addition, we have been delighted to mark significant events such as the International Day of the Nurse and Midwife (on Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday) and the 75th anniversary of VE Day with contributions from pupils, parents, grandparents, OPs and staff.
Any member of the school community is welcome at any time to share their ideas, experiences and opinions on Portsmouth Point blog. Simply send them in whatever form you wish (text or image, video or audio) to Mr Burkinshaw by clicking here.