All three Sections of the Combined Cadet Force headed off last weekend to Bramley Army Training Camp, admirably braving the inclement weather, to develop their military skills. As we arrived in torrential rain, it seemed prudent to erect the accommodation as soon as possible.  The Army section put up their bashas (tarpaulins) whilst the Navy and RAF sections had taken the softer (more waterproof) option of tents.

Once shelter had been established, the Year 9s had a series of activities that ranged from learning how to navigate and cook their ration packs to donning camouflage paint (hopefully they had managed to remove most of it by the time they returned home?). Navy and RAF seniors then went on to learn how to rescue a stricken vessel, whilst the Army seniors were patrolling and conducting a very wet reconnaissance of the area.  The continued rain meant that the night-time intelligence gathering mission was replaced with a night walk which was an experience for many of our younger cadets as the owls and other wildlife made their presence known.

On Sunday, all cadets received some form of weapon training; the Year 9s, RN and RAF cadets were introduced to the SA80 whilst Army Seniors were conducting a section assault on the Year 13s.

All cadets were returned home for a shower and a good night’s sleep on Sunday, ready for their single-Service activities on Monday. The Royal Navy (again braving the weather) took to the High Seas helming and crewing the CCF yachts (all the way to the Isle of Wight) whilst the Army were on Obstacle Courses and simulated firing ranges and the RAF were on Flight Simulators. Plenty of smiling and sleepy faces at the end of their 3rd day but all declared the weekend to be great fun and, without a doubt, their resilience and been tested and proven.