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Crazy For You took centre stage at The Kings Theatre in the last week of November, shining light upon the talents of a seventy strong team of actors, stage managers, technicians, costumiers and musicians. The whole company came together to put on a colourful retelling of our big-hearted Gershwin musical and backstage was a’buzz with warm ups, wigs and waistcoats!

Following the journey of New York banker Bobby Child as he pursues his dreams across America, our story concurrently explored the power of a community to restore the arts in a landscape of trudging austerity. Thanks to a devastatingly believable subplot involving the Headmaster, our show packed a punchy parallel with the Kings’ financial struggle in recent years. In a year fraught with political uncertainty, what better time to be calling upon the arts to celebrate human kindness, collaboration and love? And happily these values were core to the Crazy For You company on stage and off. Energy, charm and commitment blended together in one rhythmic musical cocktail.

The term of rehearsals culminated in a magical showcase of rambunctious dance numbers, technical panache, emotive singing and tender performances. With large houses each night, the cast and crew finished the show to rapturous applause and high praise.

Thank you to everyone who made this happen. It was a pleasure working with such a dynamic team of students, who, in true PGS fashion, worked hard and played hard throughout. In the words of Bobby at the denouement of the show: “who could ask for anything more?”


by Emily Smith, Director in Residence