The Junior School Christmas charity shoebox collection this year struck a chord with one of the pupils this year who made it is mission of the half term to put together as many boxes as he could.

George Tickner in Year 4 collected donations from local hotels, friends and families to put together 20 boxes for The Roberts Centre – a unique child focused charity in Portsmouth with a range of services offering support and assistance to families in addressing their situation of homelessness, or dealing with the issues of relationship breakdown.  

George has written a short piece to explain his project:
“During the half term holidays, I started the shoe box appeal. I set myself a goal to find, fill and wrap 20 shoe boxes. Firstly, I went to my neighbours to see if they had any spare shoe boxes and they said they would bring them to me the next day. I also asked Nanna and Poppa for any shoe boxes and they were happy to help too. However, I only received 11 overall so I went on a mission to go to shoe shops in Portsmouth, Fareham and Waterlooville to collect 9 extra empty boxes. I was nervous to ask but they were happy to help because I explained it was for a very good cause.

I read the letter from school again to find out exactly what I needed to put in the boxes. There were three different categories – family, books and budget. I raided my bedroom and our playroom to find as many good-as-new books as I could for the appeal. I asked some hotels for any toiletries and they were very generous, especially Alton Towers Hotel. Then I asked family and friends if they had any spare, new bubble bath, shower gel and toothbrushes which enabled me to fill up more boxes.

I still had a few boxes to fill so I came up with an idea to raise some money so I could buy some things for the people in need. I did some jobs around the house such as mopping the floor and taking the bins out. Mum suggested that we went out for a delicious lunch but I said “Instead of having a tasty lunch, why don’t we use the money for the shoe box appeal?” Everyone was up for it, so rather than having an enormous lunch, I was given £25 to spend money on helping those less fortunate than myself. I chose books, calculators, sponges, toothpaste and a few tasty treats.
When all the boxes were finished, we wrapped them and I carried my 20 boxes into school.

I really enjoyed doing this and it has made me realise that there are lots of local families who need help and it’s very easy to think of other people, especially at Christmas.”