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Pupils at the Titanic Museum

Connecting the Curriculum with Ice and Fire

Children learn best when they are engaged, challenged, inspired and have ownership of their learning. They gain a deeper understanding of that learning when the skills and knowledge being taught are connected across the different areas of learning, be it English, maths, science, geography, art or history. This philosophy is at the heart of the Junior Schools Connected Curriculum and was none more evident than in Year 2’s spring term Ice and Fire topic.

The topic introduces the children to two significant events in British History; the sinking of the Titanic and The Great Fire of London. The children are introduced to each with a ‘wow’ opening and work towards a final product to display their work.

The final product for the Titanic topic was to turn each Year 2 Form room into an interactive museum, featuring the work the children had completed over five weeks. Each museum included diary writing, models of the ship, timelines, interactive information on the iPads, art work, brochures and more. The visitors to the museum were amazed at just how much the children knew about the Titanic and how proud they were of their work.

Following the half term break, on their first day back, the children were introduced to the Great Fire of London via a whole day workshop. The children, dressed in period costume, learned first-hand what it must have been like for the terrified residents of London in 1666. Imaginations captured, the children will now deepen their knowledge and understanding by learning about the event across the different areas of learning.

This approach to learning ensures that all children are fully engaged and are enjoying their learning, it also further enhances the quality of work the children are producing.  Do click here to read more about the Connected Curriculum.