105 Cadets and 15 CFAVs from the PGS CCF were deployed to the Bramley Training Area for their annual 3 day, 2 night CCF Contingent Camp.

Over the course of the camp Cadets took part in a number of military and fieldcraft activity stands, cooking and living in the field, planning exercises, first aid, leadership tasks, ropework, navigation, clay pigeon shooting, ambush and section attacks, and rigging evolution, all culminating in an orienteering competition.  Everyone also had the opportunity to go paddleboarding and kayaking in addition to raft building and a subsequent race at Horseshoe Lake (a couple were evidently not meant for floating!). 

CCF Contingent Commander, Major Skye Deane, commented “It was great to have the opportunity to bring all 3 sections, Army/RAF/RN, together in an inclusive weekend of training. All the cadets did exceptionally well demonstrating team work, discipline, leadership, self-confidence to name just a few of the important skills which are key in a cadets personal development. They were taken out of their comfort zone at times and showed resilience in overcoming their fears. This was the first time the 64 new Year 9 cadets have participated in a military weekend and they were all still smiling at the end which was great to see. Thank you to all the staff for making the weekend a success.”