Year Two had a fantastic time going down to the beach to do a variety of activities, which included a ‘Beach Scavenger Hunt’ where children had to find different sizes and weights of pebbles, shells, seaweed and driftwood.

“My favourite activity was when we searched for things and measured how long they were because,” said Benji in 2P. “It was great fun combing the beach for what we needed.”

The ‘bucket’ challenge to see how many pebbles they could put in a bucket in a minute, inspired the children with some extending the activity in their own way, “We used our imagination and co-operated to make up own own challenge too!” exclaimed Nora in 2P.

The children also used pebbles to create different number sentences, reinforcing their previous learning. Some children found and chose a suitable flat pebble and created a design on it using the graphite pencils. Together they had a challenge of making the tallest tower they could build, Matthew (2P) was especially excited, “because we completed the challenge using sea weed and stones.”

Finally, they were able to create Beach Sculpture using the resources around them.