“Books for children should look like sweets, not like Brussel Sprouts,” declared Cressida Cowell as she addressed an excited audience of children and parents this week.  Encouraging children to read and to be excited by where their imagination could take them was a theme Cressida returned to during her talk which took twists and turns through her life and inspiration for her hugely successful “How To Train Your Dragon” series and her most recent publication “The Wizards of Once”.

The audience in a packed theatre were carried away with Cressida’s enthusiasm and passion not only for her own work but to inspire the next generation to think creatively, “Children are so good at coming up with creative solutions and ideas,” said Cressida to the audience.  “They haven’t learnt all the rules yet so can create amazing things.  We mustn’t educate this out of them!” 

She then gathered up an imaginary bag of magic feathers and threw them out in to the audience to capture, take away and write their own stories.