During this time of uncertainty, we are keen to ensure that a sense of normality is maintained for all our candidates registered to sit our Entrance Assessments on 9th January 2021.

Assistant Head (Middle School) Mrs Julie Jackson said, “The last thing we wanted was for pupils who were settling back into the last year of their primary school education to feel pressurised at the thought of  assessments for their senior school next steps.  Given the adjustments they have already had to make at school thanks to COVID-19, we were keen that their autumn term and beyond was fun and rich with learning, so we have kept arrangements as close as possible to the original format to minimise any potential worry.

“We have spent a great deal of time planning the day to make sure that it is strictly COVID compliant whilst, at the same time, a relaxing and enjoyable one for all candidates.  Although some changes have been made to how the day usually runs, rest assured, the assessments themselves remain largely the same and will be what your child is expecting.”

So, what are the changes this year?

  • Children will be assessed in a group of five supervised by a teacher who will remain with them at all time, to comply with the rule of six. Multiple candidates from the same school will be kept together where possible.
  • The day will be split into two sessions; one in the morning (9.00am-12.15pm) and one in the afternoon (1.30pm-4.45pm) and we will let parents know which session their child needs to attend.
  • Children will be given fun activities to do within their assessment bubble during breaks to help them stay relaxed and happy.
  • There will be no Reading Comprehension paper. This will be assessed during the interview process instead this year.
  • Interviews will still go ahead on Saturday 16th January as scheduled but will take place on Microsoft Teams. The format will remain the same except for the inclusion of a reading comprehension element.  We will be in touch with candidates with the time and details of the interviews as soon as we can.

Of course, in this ever-changing landscape, we may yet have to adjust these plans and parents will be notified if this is the case in good time.

If you have any further questions about our Entrance Assessments or would still like to apply for your child to be included, please go to www.pgs.org.uk/admissions