Our congratulations to pupils at The Portsmouth Grammar School who, along with over 170,000 pupils around the globe, received their International Baccalaureate Diploma results this week.

This is the school’s first set of results for Sixth Form pupils this summer who were unable to sit their examinations as usual due to the Covid-19 restrictions put in place.

All pupils scored strongly, with scores of 35 points or more from the maximum of 45, and four achieved highly impressive total scores of over 40 points. 

“Our pupils, with the support of our staff, worked incredibly hard this year in ever changing and challenging circumstances,” said the Head, Dr Anne Cotton. “We are delighted that their endeavours are reflected in these results and we are incredibly proud of how they have approached this year. We wish them well as they embark upon their next steps.”

Amongst those celebrating is Edie Critchley who achieved 42 points which will take her to Oxford to read English Language and Literature. “It feels really quite surreal after the last two years,” said Edie. “It has been a bizarre Sixth Form experience, but the school have been really reassuring throughout.” Edie had wanted to apply to Oxford from a young age and says she always felt supported by the school to achieve this. “I am dyslexic,” said Edie. “When I was younger I had a lot of assistance from the Learning Support department, but as I moved in to the Sixth Form I felt more independent and able to work more on my own. That I wanted to go on to read English at Oxford was never questioned and the school always encouraged me to go for it.”

“I’ve been at PGS since Reception and loved my time here. It feels strange to have reached the end of my time at PGS,” said Joe Russell who gained a very impressive 44 points. “I’m amazed with my results – it’s been a challenging year with lockdowns and working from home, but I’ve really enjoyed doing the IB and I am thankful to my teachers for their support.” Joe will be going to Bristol University to read Biology. 

Becky Wiles is heading to Imperial College London to study Medical Biosciences having gained an outstanding 43 points. “I am so happy with the results I received, and relieved that they will get me to Imperial in October,” said Becky. “I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers who have supported me throughout the past seven years. I wish you all the best!”

Emily Curwood is celebrating having also achieved an impressive 44 points. “I joined PGS when I was three and have felt lucky to have had so many different experiences at the school,” said Emily. “I would describe my experience at PGS as enriching, as I have been able to explore as many corridors as I could before leaving – sport, music, and the academic side. Going on the sports tour to Holland and the Spanish exchange are definite highlights of my school experience as they allowed me to develop skills, meet new people and visit new places! I am obviously very happy about my results, I put a lot of thought and time into my coursework for each subject, so I am glad to see that come to fruition.” Emily will be going to Warwick to read Health and Medical Sciences. “I’m not entirely sure of what I want to do in the future,” concludes Emily. “I would love to continue the trend of exploring new places and cultures – hopefully working in a field where I am able to travel and work with others across different countries.”

Harrison Munday was another pupil celebrating, having achieved 38 points. “I am thrilled to achieve 38 points on my IB,” said Harrison. “It means that I can now have the pick of the top universities in Melbourne and Brisbane when Australia opens up again next year.”

Since results were released, each pupil has had the opportunity for an individual meeting with members of the Sixth Form team, to offer them the support they need as they prepare for their next steps.

“We encourage our pupils to reflect on their pathway beyond school and on where they aspire to be at 25. The enriched programme that we offer at Sixth Form helps them to think about where they wish to be in the future, and we do all we can to support them getting there,” concludes Dr Cotton.