The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ was certainly tested this week as four members of the Pupil Council joined Mr Hopkinson to learn about what a ‘typical’ day is like for a Junior School Head. They spent the whole day with Mr Hopkinson, who was more than impressed with the children; here’s what they had to say:

On Monday, I spent a day with Mr Hopkinson and really enjoyed it. To start off the day I helped Mr Hopkinson with the RY Circle Time. After that I talked to Mr Hopkinson about what it is like being a Headmaster. Then I went to a meeting with Mr Ashcroft afterwards we got to present in the Year 5 assembly. Next we went to see the Bursar to ask questions about what he does. After we had lunch we helped train Sherlock. Afterwards we went to see Dr Cotton and asked questions about her job. And to finish off the day we had another Circle Time with 6S. It was an amazing day.
Will G

When I was Head today it was great fun. We got to go to Circle Times, meetings and train Sherlock. I never thought being Head was so fun. Today was the best school day ever. Also we got to go look at some Year Five and Six classrooms and take Year Five assembly.
Chloe S

Today I had lots of fun with Mr Hopkinson, as I was Head for the day. I had fun playing with and training Sherlock, and enjoyed the Circle Times. I also loved meeting Dr Cotton and doing the Year Five assembly. It was the best day ever. I also enjoyed having the meeting with Mr Ashcroft.
Alice K

I was chosen to be Headmaster. It is great. We get lots of cuddles from Sherlock but it is quite a challenge because of the big decisions we have to make. The best think was training Sherlock. We got him to sit, wait and lay down and much more.
Henry F