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The 2016 PGS Careers Convention took place in early December, attended by over 500 pupils from Years 10-12 as well as pupils from outside the school. In the Sixth Form Centre, they had the opportunity to discuss career options with nearly 50 professionals representing a range of sectors, from accountancy and finance to medicine, marketing, law, media, engineering, the tech industry, conservation, design, piloting, architecture, the police and the armed forces.

Exhibitors were impressed by the level of engagement shown by pupils and the fact that so many had clearly thought carefully about the options open to them, asking interesting and insightful questions. In turn, pupils expressed their appreciation of the fact that so many professional people were happy to share their expert guidance at such a crucial time. Year 10s are beginning to think ahead to what they wish to do beyond GCSEs and beyond their time at PGS. Year 11s are considering A level and IB choices and also seeking useful work experience as part of their preparation for Sixth Form. Many pupils in Year 12 will soon be embarking upon their university applications. It was encouraging to witness so many in-depth and expansive conversations taking place between pupils and exhibitors; many observers commented that there was a definite “buzz” within the convention.

It was the fourteenth PGS Careers Convention organised by Careers and Universities Administrator, Judy Williams, who said, “We are lucky to have so many experienced parents, OPs and local business people willing to give up their time and offer their advice year after year. And it has also been wonderful to have so many new people joining us each year, adding to the pool of knowledge.”