Every Summer Term, each of our Year 12 pupils benefits from a rigorous, 30-minute practice interview with PGS parents, OPs and other local professionals who kindly give up their time and share their expertise.
This year was no different – except it was very different indeed.
This week, all 123 interviews were conducted remotely, with interviewers as far away as France and interviewees as far afield as China. Thanks to the magic of technology, the dedication of our interviewers, the punctuality and professionalism of our pupils and the organisational genius of Careers and Universities Administrator, Carla Fewings, who expertly co-ordinated all of these interviews despite the formidable logistical challenge involved, the two days of interviewing were a great success. Our pupils received expert feedback on their CVs and their interview performance, as well as an invaluable opportunity to discuss their aspirations with professionals who could offer insight and guidance at this crucial stage prior to university and apprenticeship applications. Thank you to all of those involved. We look forward to many more remote careers and universities events in the future, linking PGS pupils with OPs across the globe.