In the last couple of weeks of this term Year 5 and 6 have had the pleasure of working in the Senior School Science labs with Mrs Lyon, the Physics and Chemistry teacher. It was a great opportunity for the children to work in a new environment and to see the Senior School in action.

“I really enjoyed going over to the Senior School Science labs because of all the exciting pieces of equipment that we got to use,” said Anna S.

Year 6 had a great time with fun activities. plotting the bounce of a weighted spring with lap tops, trying to mould the best floating boat from plastic and watching the colour change when burning chemicals in a Bunsen burner flame.

“I really enjoyed our trip. It was very interesting to see what Year Seven do in their lessons. My favourite bit was the Biology as I love to learn about the human body,” commented Eva B.

Year 5 had a mixture of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They tested food items for the presence of starch, mixed light colours and tested liquids to determine pH. “My favourite bit was Chemistry and using indicator paper to identify acids and alkali’s I really enjoyed the Senior School visit,” said Kyan A.

A massive thank you to Mrs Lyons and her science team for making this such a fun event.