Pupils in Year 8 took part in National Writing Day this week. They were tasked with writing a story in 24 words starting with the words ‘One day ….’

Stories ranged from dystopian visions of the future to tantalising tales of untold things emerging from uncut lawns! Read on to be inspired by creative genius and listen to their reading here:

Ms Hart 
One day the sun emerged, beaming its glorious rays into the neverending grubby sky. She saw the brutal truth of what they had done.

One day, I didn’t mow the lawn. It grew into a grass jungle. I climbed to the top and saw it, a great big…

One day Holly was standing outside an apartment, the wind blowing her long blond hair. Slowly a large figure approached her, “finally you’re here.

One day, I will banish the torturous sorrow from your heart, to transfer it into the righteous love that you know your soul desires.

One day, I will come back to you, and be with you for evermore, to rejoice in the joy of this world. Just be patient.

One day a young girl emerged out from the forest. Why was she there? She had witnessed the untold truth of what was coming.

One day, the birds will sing again. One day, the clouds will break again. One day our paths will cross again; don’t be afraid.

One day, she will be with me. She will know me, hold me. But until then, she’ll remain as my guiding light from above.

One day hope will soar above the bleak skies of pain. One day our fears will subside and love will lift us to heaven.

One day, there was a cat who ate a seafood paella but he fell ill from food poisoning and so never ate it again.

Hero: I shall rescue the pig from the farmer one day to stop cruelty.
Farmer: Never.
(Hero saves pig)
Pig: Thanks.
Hero: You’re welcome.

One day the storm will pass. One day the sun will shine down on us again.
One day, not yet. We will be free.

One day I smelled delicious meat cooking. I went downstairs, none of the food had ever been touched. I still can’t find my cat.

One day I’ll see it again. The bright blues of the ocean, and the gorgeous greens of the jungle. I’ll live the beautiful dream.

One day the downpour will stop. It won’t rain down any more. We will be free and happy again. No more rain.

One day the sun rises. One day the streets fill. One day the sun shall glimmer until this thing we call earth shall fill.

One day the sky will clear. The rain will stop. The sun will shine. And the leaves will turn green. When we walk again.

One day a beautiful young girl with dark emerald green eyes with long, silky smooth, curly hair went missing on holiday with her family.

One day I’ll be the best. One day I’ll be the strongest. One day I’ll be the best person that I can possibly be.

One day they will understand. One day we will be cherished. One day we will be accepted. One day or why not do it today

One day, right after school, John and Simon decided to camp in the theme park. Then someone screamed. And they were never heard again.

One day the darkness and morning will pass,freedom the feeling we have been craving for so long returned.The world returned to normality.

One day I will finally accomplish my dream and discover new places and my name will be known. I can’t wait for that day.

One day The grass will lighten and The trees will spring to life and peace will hopefully settle again but maybe not today.

One day the man sprints up the hill only to find a field of cows at the top. The cows look at him, WOW.

One day is all it took.The world crumbled like ash. But from the bravest children and adults, we know, a stronger Phoenix will rise.

One day, they took the earth from our grasp. One day we fought back. One day we lost. One day we will rise again.