Our Harvest Festival assembly, held at Portsmouth Cathedral, is always a very special event and this year was no exception. In fact, we had so many parents and family members joining us we had to find extra chairs!

We are all fortunate, of course, to reap the rewards of a global harvest and the children are taught to appreciate the wonderful choice of food they have. They also learned, through our special assembly, about the traditions of Harvest in this country, appreciating the importance of community and helping one another.

This year, the children were also made more aware of the refugee crisis and what we could do to help. They brought in donations of food and toiletries that will be taken by two of our parents, Mrs Wilson and Ms Wallis, to the refugee camps in France.

The children delivered their readings beautifully and sang traditional and modern Harvest hymns; Big Red Combine Harvester, sang by the Infants, was certainly a highlight. Canon Peter then carried out a very vocal survey on the children’s favourite fruit and veg, with lemons, quite surprisingly, coming out on top!