Children from across the Junior School were selected for an art workshop which was run by two artists – Ruth and Emma – who both have a studio at the Hot Walls in Old Portsmouth. They taught the pupils different mono printing and art techniques.

Josh and and Lakshmi in Year 6 report on their day.

“The artists told us that the best mono prints were of simple things like birds or flowers, because they would stand out on the paper.

To do a mono print you firstly get the smallest amount of ink and spread it into rough square. Then roll it out into a square and place A5 paper on top. Once you have placed the paper you then draw your design, and when you peel of the paper the ink print will show your design. After we had mastered the basics, we started tracing things from newspapers and other sources. We managed to end up with prints that looked almost like photos!

We think this was a really fun experience and that it was good to try something new and make the most of this opportunity.”