Josh Yuan, Year 13 Economics pupil, asked the first question at the IEA Webinar on Tuesday Lunchtime this week.

The panel for the Webinar was The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, and Sam Bowman, Director of Competition Policy at the International Centre for Law and Economics. Josh wanted their opinion on how the Covid19 crisis would impact relationships with China. The question was voted on by the 300+ attendees at the meeting as the one they most wanted answered. Following up on the question was then Year 11 pupil, Henry Buckle, who is also a member of the Stock Market Club, asking where the £18bn for the government intervention would come from.

Congratulations to both for posing such engaging and demanding questions. The subject of ‘the short and medium term economic damage from Coronavirus’ gave remote Zoom access to over 300 participants to hear from and pose questions to these eminent economists. Questions were chosen by their ranking on the Zoom platform, with all participants voting on the questions. Clearly, Coronavirus and the economic response to it are going to keep economists talking for many years to come.