Year R visited the Senior School Library on Friday to enjoy some activities surrounding the story of The Three Little Pigs with Year 12 English Literature pupils.

Using a map to navigate, the children had to identify the three materials used to build the houses in the story, collecting the correct stickers along the way to fill in the gaps on their maps. They then enjoyed a dramatic reading of the story Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf by Year 12 pupils with musical accompaniment from Sacha Hemingway. Year R had to spot the differences between the two stories, the main one being that poor Big Bad Wolf was only trying to ask for a tissue to blow his nose rather than to blow down the pigs’ houses!

The children also learned about how important it is to catch germs in a tissue when they sneeze and cough, and Year 12 gave each of the pupils their own packet of tissues (and some Percy Pigs!) to help them contain their germs!