84 children aged 6 and 8 enjoyed the second Bright Sparks event at the Junior School on Friday. After last year’s successful first run we were inundated with requests to repeat the day.  Children from 15 schools across the city attended the event with the theme of Outer Space. A series of activities were designed to exercise the brain and have fun at the same time.

The children attended workshops based on English, science and maths provided by Junior School Teachers and special guests. Portsmouth University brought their astrodome which enabled the children to travel through the night sky and visit other planets as well as identify stars. In maths the Year 4 children decoded messages from aliens in outer space and sent replies back in a code they designed themselves. For English they created and acted out their own monsters.

The Year 2 pupils visited outer space and worked out how old they would be when they got there if they walked to the moon. They also re-created Hansel and Gretel with local author, Chris Connaughton, and made their own lava lamps.

Throughout the day there was the sound of laughter and highly challenging questions and ideas coming from all quarters of the school. All agreed it had been a wonderful experience and were already inquiring when the next event would be as all were keen to come back.

One quote from a visiting pupil summed up the day, ”This has been the best day of my life!”