The children in the Pre-School have been reading The Dish and the Spoon by Mini Grey, a lovely story about two nursery rhyme characters who live the high life! It’s not such a happy tale though – after spending too much money on luxury items, it all goes horribly wrong for the Dish and the Spoon and they are forced to rob a bank!

The similarities between that of the characters’ and Mrs Moore’s life are incredible; Mrs Moore is also a lady with very expensive tastes and unfortunately, just like the Dish and the Spoon, her spending has also got out of control and her purse is empty!

Knowing that she should never rob a bank, Mrs Moore asked the children who they could write to, demanding money – well there was only one rich person they knew, Mrs Heyes! So, letters in hand, the Pre-School children (obviously heavily disguised) went to pay a visit to Mrs Heyes in the Junior School Office. After reading their letters with trembling hands, Mrs Heyes coughed up and gave Mrs Moore six pence and a gold pocket watch. Needless to say Mrs Moore will be off to the shops on Saturday!