Multicultural Week is an annual event which Pre-School and Reception children take part in to celebrate the diverse community we live in and to learn about different ways of life around the world. The week encourages the children’s understanding of how important it is when building a respectful and inclusive society to recognise other cultures which may enjoy different practices and traditions to your own.

We love to see the children’s curiosity ignited when they discover new places around the world and find out about the languages, food, music, and many other facets that both draw parallels with our own cultures and make them unique.

Two Pre-School journeys this year were Japan and India. The children explored Japanese music, made the Japanese flag and even had a try at making their own Sushi rolls. They also tried to do some Japanese writing using brushes and paint and found it was very different from the letter shapes they have been learning in Pre-School!

During their Indian adventure, the children learned how to greet each other using the phrase ‘Namaste’, felt some sari fabric and had a go at putting one on, tasted some Indian food, made flags and made some artwork using powder paint like the Holi festival! It was a riot of colour and taste!