Last Friday over 100 pupils gathered in the Science Lecture Theatre at lunchtime to hear details of the ‘Race Takeover’ of PGS Pride and Portsmouth Point. Mrs Morgan shared her concerns about casual racism and increased hate crimes in the UK and called upon the pupils to join her in creating a movement for positive change.

Mrs Morgan argued that the success of PGS Pride has proved how a positive approach towards celebrating difference can really impact upon hearts and minds. In 2013, 47% of pupils said it would be easy to ‘come out’ at PGS. That figure is now 80%. With the ‘race takeover’ we hope to achieve similar progress by celebrating racial diversity as a key feature of what makes PGS and the UK so great.

Pupils have been invited to respond to this opportunity by creating a blog post for the Portsmouth Point ‘Race Takeover’ 3rd – 7th February 2020. Responses could focus on any aspect of race studies and come in any form from a piece of art to a vlog or podcast.