The opening song of our musical this year does not, it’s safe to say, have the most timely of titles, however it sums up the show beautifully. Rehearsals for our 2020 musical ‘A Chorus Line’ have been underway for a while now, and whilst it’s fair to say it’s been a challenging and ever-changing experience, we’re delighted to say that the show is looking fantastic. ‘A Chorus Line’ follows a group of auditionees for a Broadway show, and throughout the process we get to know their ambitions, their fears, and above all, what draws them to a profession, a calling, that they love despite its instability. Featuring famous numbers such as ‘One’, ‘At The Ballet’ and ‘What I Did For Love’, as well as a host of challenging and electric choreographic routines and dramatic monologues, it’s a show to be savoured, and the pupils are smashing it.

This year, for obvious reasons, the musical will be live-streamed, and details on performances and times are coming very soon. Watch this space!