Last weekend an intrepid group of Years 7 and 8 pupils ventured into a woodland to experience the art of butchery and how meat can be a responsible and sustainable food.

A master butcher gave our pupils a chance to have a hands-on experience, by showing them how to prepare a humanely killed deer for human consumption. They learned about the absence of natural predators for this species and therefore the justification for culling, as well as the value of life and the need to ensure that all parts of the animal are used, including the pelt. The pupils spent the day practising how to carve, mince the meat and cook some of it on an open fire. Creating venison jerky was also part of the day. In the afternoon, fire lighting tasks were set up, ranging from chemical reactions to the old fashioned flint and steel, much to everyone’s delight. Most importantly though were the games, a good old-fashioned session of manhunt in which the teachers also participated – of course they were caught straight away!

Thank you to all the students who were courageous enough to take part in this adventure.