Some of our Senior School Art pupils submitted work for the Royal Academy of Arts’ first ever Young Artists’ Summer Show.

The feedback that we received from the Royal Academy was: “The standard of work was incredibly high: our judging panels had a tough job of whittling over 6,200 submissions down to just 328 for the online exhibition, and of those 139 for the exhibition at the RA.”

Currently 5 pupils have had their artwork shortlisted. Although their artwork was not chosen to be part of the exhibitions, it was one of only 700 that the judges shortlisted.  

One pupil’s artwork, Phoebe Clark, Year 10, has though very excitingly been accepted for both the online exhibition of work and the gallery exhibition.  The artwork can be viewed online by clicking here, and will be hung in the RA’s Young Artists’ Summer Show between 13th July and 4th August 2019. Congratulations to all our artists that were shortlisted and of course to Phoebe for this notable achievement.

You can click here to see all the shortlisted artwork by PGS pupils.