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The children have been hearing about the problems of plastic pollution in their assemblies, and through the work of the Eco Council. It was decided that part of the day would be dedicated to understanding in more detail the problems arising from single use plastic. The children were encouraged to collect as much single use plastic waste as they could that is currently unable to be recycled by their local council. They were asked to clean and cut the plastic up into small pieces and have a plastic bottle to bring in to school to learn the art of ecobricking.

The Lower Juniors were lucky enough to meet Bianca from the final straw who gave a very interesting talk on the environmental impact of single use plastics. She then explained how to create a sturdy ecobrick. Her message, however, was clear; the best ecobricks are those that are never completed because of lifestyle changes and choices which mean that as individuals we make the decision to not buy or use products made from single use plastics. She also asked the children to pledge that they would no longer choose to use a plastic straw and remind family members to have a reusable coffee cup or water bottle as well as remembering to take reusable bags on shopping trips.

This message was then delivered to the Upper Junior children by Mrs Evans as Bianca had a beach clean commitment. After their morning of inter-house sport, the Year Five and Six pupils were raring to continue making the bricks that the younger children had started. We hope that by the end of the Easter break we will have many ecobricks weighing in at a suitable weight so that they can be logged on the official ecobrick website.

The children also enjoyed eating their lunches in their House groups where their waste was measured. This activity really made the children think about food waste as well as packaging waste. The catering staff were really impressed by the reduction of waste that came though the dining hall. On the back of the success, it will certainly be something that will become a regular opportunity for the pupils to engage with.