In the true co-curricular spirit of the International Baccalaureate, seven year 12 economists spent a day attending the opening of the new Southern Policy Centre.  This is essentially a Think Tank, with the aim of establishing reasonable and practical proposals for the devolution of power to the Central South of the UK.

The first guest, Professor Gerry Stoker from the University of Southampton, provided an overview of the context: in his words, the ‘good’ intentions of the policy were hampered by the ‘bad’ nature of fiscal factors (reduction in funding for local councils) and the ‘ugly’ economic problems that threaten to surface as the debate unravels.

There was then a debate between the Conservative and LibDem councillors – Roy Perry and Keith House before Lord Andrew Adonis, the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure spoke.

This was followed by a speech by Greg Clark MP, who is the current Cabinet Minister for Cities, Universities and Science. 

Not only did everyone enjoy the novel experience of attending such a politically progressive event, but we revelled in the opportunity meet impressive, and influential people. 

Report by
Jadon Buckeridge, Year 12