The first day of term is always exciting for so many reasons, not least the arrival of lots of new faces. In the Junior School we welcomed 69 new pupils and 8 new members of staff to our community but there was one new face who caused quite a stir; our very own Sherlock!!

Sherlock is a Cockapoo puppy and is the family dog of the Junior School Head, Mr Hopkinson. Sherlock will also, in time, become an Attending School Dog at PGS thus supporting the teaching team in helping deliver the School’s amazing Pastoral Curriculum, which nurtures and develops key values and learning skills. In association with the Dogs Helping Kids organisation, Sherlock will undergo a three year programme of assessments and training in order to gain his full accreditation. He will then be able to work one to one with pupils helping the School to achieve its aim of being Happy and Successful, in that order. PGS has strong commitment to pastoral care, aiming to be a leader and innovator in pastoral provision, as evidenced in the School’s strategic vision.

For now, Sherlock, named after the famous detective whose author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned the first two Holmes’ mysteries just down the road, is simply finding his feet (paws!) and just like the other new faces is learning what it is like to be part of this great school community.