OP Amy Nguyen spoke this week to the Year 12 Ignite! Sustainability group and the Senior School EcoCouncil about environmental activism and her own path to a sustainability-related career.
Since leaving PGS in 2012, Amy has worked in renewable energy and the high end sustainable beauty industry, before now checking brand claims relating to sustainability to prevent greenwashing. She also co-founded the website “Sustainable and Social”, designed for the sustainably-curious. Amy asked the pupils about their own understanding of the sustainability and assisted the pupils in considering how PGS can become a more sustainable community. The pupils asked her a range of questions, including her biggest celebrity inspiration as a sustainable champion (Livia Firth MBE, co-founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age – the leading consulting and creative agency speciaising in integrated sustainability, and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge) and how sustainable living may affect social inequality in the UK.
We look forward to welcoming Amy back for further events in the future, particularly when more practical activities can resume post-lockdown.