The Ignite! Sustainability group have been very busy learning about sustainable foods and contacting Kikaaya College School in Uganda about sustainable energy. 

Rosie Blackburn who previously worked at Wild Thyme in Palmerston Road, and has worked for a variety of food organisations internationally, came into school to talk to the Ignite! Sustainability group, GeogSoc and Miss Bolton’s EcoClub about how the food industry is currently unsustainable. Some pupils were delighted to hear that they don’t need to go completely vegan to become more sustainable consumers. They also learnt about the damage that cattle ranching can have on the environment along with how food waste and distribution is a problem. The Ignite! group then video called Mr Mubiru and some of his pupils in Uganda to discuss an ongoing project with him, which is centred around how they can use more sustainable energy sources at their school.