With the global focus on the plastic crisis in our oceans, pupils at PGS have been involved in an innovative sustainability project this term. The Big Fish Project is a curriculum enrichment project stemming from the Ignite! progamme, in which Year 12 pupils have worked in partnership with Final Straw Solent to design a huge fish sculpture made from reclaimed and recycled materials that could be filled with plastic waste.
The fish has been in school all week to draw attention to our sustainability work, and even made an appearance on Sports Day! Pupils from every year in the school have come to visit it and enjoyed filling it with plastic and tins, which will be counted and recycled at the end of the week, and it prompted much discussion about what we could all do to reduce the waste we saw. Pupils made environmental pledges and entered the ‘name the fish’ competition. Next week the fish will go on to educate and raise awareness across the south coast, including Cowes Week and the Victorious festival, taking its PGS name with it.